Sally Madge

Moving In

Site specific installation: Moving in
Departure Foundation, New Curators North East, Tower House, Sunderland
October/November 2012

An installation constructed over a period of several weeks in a partially empty office block located in an industrial estate in north Sunderland. The work was created on site with discarded materials from the surrounding vicinity. In one sense an architectural construction - a temporary dwelling space within a bleak empty office space with connotations of squatting - the type of ad hoc construction found in marginal urban spaces to accommodate the disenfranchised. In another sense an installation referencing the formal elements of sculpture and on view as an art work. And further, an exploration, a performative piece where the work starts and continues with the process of selection, collection, placement, arrangement, use and dialogue.

As I 'map' the area - cruise the car parks, look through skips and encounter passers by, I gather lots of anecdotal and photographic research. It has become a fascinating compulsion and the room in which I am building my structure is also filling with, photographs, charts, maps, books, tea, coffee, mugs, kettle, radio...... Its gradually turning into a temporary office cubicle, a studio and research base.

I hear doors banging somewhere in the building and watch from the window as people leave work. It feels quite lonely. I had hoped to sleep here, (there's a shower downstairs) but the organisers have been told they can't allow it.