Sally Madge


As part of group exhibition Returning to the Philosophers' Table
Literary and Philosophical Society, Newcastle upon Tyne
June 2013

Excerpt from Diary 7.5.13, Lit and Phil Library

Swept gallery walkway for an hour, sometimes on hands and knees but mainly squatting so's not to get splinters. Wore face mask, apron and rubber gloves, got very hot and dusty. Interesting to think I have actually ingested some of this ancient and erudite dust, it has become part of the fabric of my being - if only temporarily, it does however make me feel quite sick and I can feel a headache coming on. As I sweep I note that Greek Mythology and the Biblical section are dustier than other sections, there is a damp stain on the floor near Social Sciences, Ethics gets a lot of sun and there are large gaps in the floorboards along the Spanish, French and German Literature sections. I am developing an affection for dust balls and also note there are some tiny book cover shreddings in my dustpan.