Sally Madge

Thoughts on making collage
Chance Encounters

I am not sure why I produced these collages or how they fit into the flow of my practice, to date their significance has eluded me, I know I like them but I am not sure why! Perhaps its because they are still in the process of 'coming into being'. I am not clear about my agency in their production other than that of garnering, assembling, editing and ordering. They somehow defy classification within my taxonomy of self-manufactured artefacts – there's an independence of spirit which I'm unable to pin down - visceral innuendos, floating body parts, a bird's head.....

As I work in my studio things get cleared aside, dropped, piled up, lost and forgotten - spillages, stains, accidents occur – byproducts of purposeful action; the mess left during the process of creating something of greater significance; There are, however, definite possibilities inherent in these abject remains. Out of the corner of my eye I notice an interesting juxtaposition of line, stain and torn part-image, and once these are conjoined there is a suggestion of something other. Something more? Edges become points of departure, the place where action happens, boundaries are blurred and borders crossed between glued down fragments of mass produced imagery and the application of a fluid mass of ink and water or a containing pencil line. I cut, tear, mark, layer and stroke the surface; shapes are formed from disparate elements, associations conjured, movement evoked, magic made. Each assemblage of marks and materials is an almost unconscious process - repairing, augmenting and reworking the fragments, creating new spaces, A solitary game of Exquisite Corpse.